1. DOCTOR PROTECT is the only Risk Management Company which gives a Doctor/Hospital all- round coverage from Professional to Personal. Compare our Services from those who are giving any option.
  2. DOCTOR PROTECT has more than 25 globally acclaimed Medico-legal experts to help a doctor 24×7 practically. They are available round the clock for any consultation, services, and emergencies. Ask any agent to connect you to any 10 Experts, with their redentials and practical experiences.
  3. DOCTOR PROTECT has a 99% winning ratio with more than 2000 thousand active cases in which we are serving the medical fraternity with our expertise. Ask the agent to provide at least 350+ cases to win your belief that they are serving the fraternity well.
  4. DOCTOR PROTECT has Pan India infrastructure and physical manpower to attend a Doctor in Crisis. Ask the agent to present you with 10 guys who are employed to give you a doorstep presence.
  5. DOCTOR PROTECT has revolutionary ways to keep itself connected with its members, like App, Medicolegal Monthly Bulletins and Workshops. Ask the agent to give a single source of Connectivity Infrastructure or any Workshops/meetings conducted.
  6. DOCTOR PROTECT has more than 600 legal experts of repute to give you uninterrupted cashless services. Ask the Agent to give the list of their registered lawyers whom you will not pay and they will pay in crisis.
  7. DOCTOR PROTECT doesn’t ask for any capping over the fees and expenses of the Medical or Professional/Personal crisis. Maybe it is Consumer, Civil, Criminal, Any Acts, Emergency handling, MCI or even Municipal problems. Since the Agents offering you discounts don’t have their manpower anywhere, Will they pay you whatever bill you are raising to them?
  8. DOCTOR PROTECT is a risk management company selling its services so we are legally liable with an underwritten guarantee to take care of our Members and can’t escape. But is it the same with these Agents? They are proposing you with XYZ Company policy, taking money in their name and assuring you of the services where Practically they are nowhere bound legally and even in Crisis you can’t even take them to the court.
  9. DOCTOR PROTECT has One number solution to connect in an emergency and doctors access the worldclass experts instantly. The discount Agents need to answer the instant accessibility measures available with them.
  10. Apart from the driving pleasure, the most important aspect of any Vehicle is the Safety Standards & Brand. A pickup or Goods Van despite having storage and lower pricing can’t substitute a Car. Risk management is all about safeguarding your professional and personal growth and a discounted Policy Paper can’t substitute your real safety requirements.
  11. DOCTOR PROTECT has featured in worldwide Business magazines including FORBES for its unique services and commitment. In 20192020, alone we have been awarded by more than 10 national & International awards. World business Inc. is studying our model and success story &
    we are really indebted to our 1
    0000 Thousand doctors members for their trust and support. Should we say more? Please ask any Discounted agents or Companies to show their credentials and testimonials.