Why do you need our services?

Doctor Protect is a leading High Risk Management Company in India, specializing in providing comprehensive legal services exclusively for Medical Practitioners and Medical Establishments. We understand the challenges faced by doctors when legal issues arise during their practice, and we are here to support and protect them.

At Doctor Protect, we offer a range of legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of our members. When doctors face legal notices or cases filed against them, we step in to provide timely and effective representation. Our experienced team of legal professionals works diligently to ensure that doctors receive the best possible solutions without unnecessary delays.

We recognize the importance of time and money for doctors, which is why we strive to save both. By choosing Doctor Protect, doctors can avail themselves of our round-the-clock services, ensuring that their legal matters are attended to promptly and efficiently.

With Doctor Protect by your side, you can focus on your practice and provide the best care to your patients, knowing that your legal concerns are being expertly handled. Contact us today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated legal partner who understands the complexities of the medical field. Our 24/7 services are always at your disposal.

   We Provide the Best Services For Your Help!

  • Round the clock service at your doorstep.

  • Legal services & Coverage for all cases related to medical negligence in consumer, civil, criminal courts, 304-A, 336, 338, NMC etc.

  • Coverage for all Professionals & personal matters.

  • Drafting and documentation of various types of notices.

  • Answering any legal notice.

  • Legal support in reading & guiding old case papers if any.

  • Coverage of all TPA, Pollution & Municipal related matters.

  • Coverage of all types of legal Act’s including PNDT Act, MTP Act, Bio-Medical waste Act, Organ Transplantation Act, Blood Bank/Eye Bank/Labour Act etc.

  • Free Access to Advice, Suggestion & Tips from our top Medico-Legal & Legal Experts.

  • Free Subscription to our Medico-Legal Journals, Newsletters, Bulletins & Webinars.

  • Assured Pre-Litigation Advice & Suggestions.

  • Cashless Insurance Claim settlements.

  • Provision of out of court settlement through insurance company.

  • Coverage of defamation (e.g. Society, Social media, Media trials etc.), Loss of Documents, Branch of confidentiality.

  • Coverage of cosmetic procedures & radioactive procedures.

  • Highly competitive & Affordable prices.

  • 100% Commitment to appoint Lawyer within 2 to 4 Hours.

  • Medico-Legal services plans available for 1,3 & 5 years.