What is Memebership

The membership means the start and end of the selected period which you have chosen and paid for. The day you give us the charges we start your coverage and it is very clear that the cause of action or any case must start in that period only. If any cause of action means you have seen or treated the patient prior of being our member and case comes in our membership period will be treated as Premembership. Normally to avoid compensation problems by insurance companies it is advisable to continue renewing your policy and the new health bill demands the same.

Membership Highlights and Coverage of Difficult Situations

  • Come out of your conservative coverage and opt for an international standard, national based complete company.
  • Be the part of India’s leading 10,000 doctors group. Get valid and effective insurance for medical practice.
  • Cover yourself for 24 hours and for every problem which no one covers. We are essential for medical practice.
  • If you have a hospital setup you know how expensive the equipments are and you depend on various companies for its maintenance. You normally pay annual charges but have you ever thought that if they are not competent in maintaining the same you may land up in a big problem. Our service charge includes the legal AMC of each and every item of your setup. Best Risk Management Company for Risk Management.
  • Coverage for cases arising from unqualified nurses. Covers negligence by Doctors.
  • Emergency advice in sudden unexpected death. We are No.1 experts for Medico Legal Cases in India.
  • Difficult situation management like OT Table death.
  • Management of Post death media trial.
  • Management of cases under death due to anaphylaxis, SJS, Post spinal meningitis, death during transfers, usual withdrawal of o2 etc.
  • Management in brought dead with mob, Police arrest or false media reports.